Sports Massage

Sports Massage can increase sports performance, maintain your body in a healthy condition, prevent injuries, increase flexibility and reduce the recovery period after injury. Sports massage is not only beneficial to you if you are injured, it is recommended for you if you are uninjured and want to enhance your sports performance, increase your recovery and avoid muscular tension that can cause injury.

Massage causes blood vessels to dilate and membrane pores to widen, which allows greater blood flow and a resultant increase in fluids and nutrients to, and waste products away from, the muscles or injury site. This speeds up post-exercise recovery. Massage stretches muscle tissue, muscular sheaths and surrounding fascia, allowing a beneficial release of stored tension and pressure and an increase in flexibility.

Each and every time a muscle receives trauma or injury, scar tissue is formed which can affect the muscle, tendons and ligaments, many long term injuries are a result of this. If not treated correctly at the time of injury, this scar tissue can form haphazardly, resulting in long term tight muscles. Massage can help realign the scar tissue formation and reduce the likelihood of subsequent injury and pain. Through stimulating a relaxation response, massage has the additional benefit of lowering anxiety levels, creating a mood enlightening experience.