Injury assessment

Each patient is unique and although there are several common conditions, how they feel to you and how they affect you may well be different to another patient.  The first step in any assessment is for Pete to discuss with you what symptoms and pain you are currently experiencing and how they are affecting you.  He will also ask questions about any historical problems you may have had.  This will allow him to build up a picture of what has happened to you and how it has happened. 

Based on this he may then perform a series of tests that confirm or disprove his initial findings.  The purposes of the test allow him to further refine the assessment process until he can specifically identify the problem.  Once identified he will, in partnership with you, decide the direction of treatment.  He will make sure that you understand the nature of the problem and the treatment.  If it is appropriate you will likely get some treatment and advice (usually exercises that can be performed at home) that will help alleviating the problem.

Just as every patient is unique then so often every treatment plan is unique to that person.  Further treatments may include ultrasound, massage carried out by massage therapists or gym based.  The treatments may vary but the one thing they will have in common is that they will be individual to your case and designed to give you the best possible results.

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