Bike fitting

The human body is very complex and very individual.  Body sizes and levels of flexibility can vary a lot from person to person and making sure that you fit your bike is one of the quickest ways to unlock more power and enjoyment from your cycling!

Bikes come in a variety of pre-set sizes, but each one has many small adjustments that can be made to suit the individual.  We belive that asessing your flexibility is key in getting an optimal bike set up.  aspire physiotherpay bike fitting takes into account your type of cycling (triathlon, touring, competitive etc.) and looks all the factors that can affect how you will interact with your bike usch as your job, limb length, medical history, flexibility and the amount of cycling and the mileage you cover.  We use this information to make sure that the bike you have is the best possible fit for you and the activity you want to use it for. 

For bike fit assessments we use:

  • Joint flexibility measurements: neck, spine, hip, knee and ankle
  • Turbo trainers video assessment
  • Practical road assessment

The areas that we look to adjust are:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle set back
  • Crank length
  • Hanlebar reach
  • Cleat positioning and the pedal interface

The aim of the bike fitting would be improvements in:

  • Comfort - both on the saddle and in the wrists
  • Power production
  • Stability
  • Bike handling

We also understand that you flexibility will change over time as we make adjustments to your bike and we offer a retesting service that can help you continue to develop.  The bike fitting service typically takes an hour and a half and costs £100.

For more information please contact us.