Sports Injuries

Exercise, sport and fitness help us to remain healthy, improve our functional ability and quality of life.  Participation in exercise invariably leads to people being more active and this is also great, as with any activity though, exercise carries some risk and occasionally we get injured. 

Pain, swelling and restricted limb movements are fairly common. Affected areas can include:

  • muscles
  • bones
  • ligaments (thick bands of tissue that connect one bone to another)
  • tendons (tough, rubbery cords that link muscles to bones)
  • joints (the hips, elbows, ankles and knees)
  • cartilage (tough, flexible tissue that covers the surface of joints and allows bones to slide over one another)

There are many factors that can influence and injury or the potential to get injured.  They can include:

  • an injury which is the result of a sudden impact or an awkward movement
  • an overuse injury – which develops over time as a result of overusing certain parts
  • over training – where insufficient recovery starts to weaken the body
  • lack of strength
  • poor technique in an exercise or activity
  • poor mobility
  • movement dysfunction

If you have a sports injury the first step to recovery is to get a full assessment to examine all the possible causes of the injury and develop a path back to full recovery.  Continuing to exercise while you're injured may cause further damage and slow your recovery time.

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