Joint pain

Joint pain is a very common problem with many possible causes.  Of all the joints, the knee joint and shoulder are probably the most frequently damaged and the most susceptible to pain.  However, joint pain can occur at any joint in the body.  To complicate matters, joint pain isn't always a problem at that joint.  There can be conditions such as arthritis that directly affect the joint, but around every joint is a complex network of ligaments, tendons and muscles.  How these interact with the joint is extremely important and they can cause pain when the joint is moved as a result of muscular weakness, muscular tightness, impingement or muscular dysfunction. 

There are many tests that a physiotherapist can carry out to work out what is happening at the joint and what factors are causing the pain.  There can be many treatments and solutions for joint pain and they all hinge on an accurate assessment.  

Once a cause has been established then the appropriate treatment can take place.  Often with joints there are several treatment approaches ranging from massage, mobilisation, co-ordination and exercised based rehabilitation.

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