What our clients say

I was extremely impressed by the comprehensive multidisciplinary nature of the services provided by aspire in the context of my recent shoulder injury.

My appointment was quick; the history & examination was thorough and accurate.  Your scientific explanations were well received and tailored to my benefit.  Furthermore, you prescribed the correct treatment (which provided immediate relief) and formulated a future management plan to reduce the risk of recurrence.  The proof of the pudding is that I haven’t been back since!

I felt that the set-up of personal training coupled with physiotherapy is unique to the Cardiff region in terms of fitness and wish your organisation all the best.

Dr. Rito Mitra MBBS MRCPI MD, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Glamorgan Hospital 

It is difficult to overstate the impact that Pete has had on my health and well-being.  Born with a congenital spinal defect and following two unsuccessful surgical interventions I had been advised to limit physical activity and as a result of that and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle I have endured intermittent incapacitation for the past forty years.

A consummate professional, the combination of high level skills in physiotherapy coupled with a comprehensive understanding of its practical application means that Pete delivers a client-focussed service that delivers real results.  I have witnessed the huge impact he has had on numerous individuals who have struggled with acute or long-term conditions over years and feel there is much health and social care practitioners could learn from his approach.  For me however, the impact is that I feel healthier than I have for many years and am able to look forward to an enjoyable and increasingly active retirement.  That I can boast to my friends an ability to run 10Km and dead-lift 65Kg is an added bonus.

Lis B 

A special thanks to Pete for helping me to recover from a shoulder injury six weeks before I was due to run a marathon.  The positivity and motivation during my physio sessions helped my recovery. Thank you.

Renal P

Since starting to train at aspire gym I have become more confident and more body aware.  The trainers have a huge wealth of knowledge which is further enhanced by Pete's expertise in physiotherapy.  Pete not only has great professional expertise but also immense insight and intuition which was invaluable to me when I needed extra support.

After training at the gym for just over a year, I had a motorbike accident in which I broke both hands. I was determined not to give up on what I had started but was unable to train in the same way as before.  Pete, with his knowledge, experience and imagination encouraged me to keep going and made me feel as though it was all still possible.  With a lot of hard work and a great deal of support I kept going and am now back to normal training and beyond!

Thank you Pete for your support, your knowledge and professionalism have given me a new lease of life.  Really!

Rachel M 

Having been persuaded to enter an ultra run(!) I was following a training plan religiously until, four weeks before the event, I suffered an injury to the peroneal tendon on my left leg.  I felt devastated sure that my aspiration of running 50 miles was now a distant memory.  Pete Smith (physiotherapist)  and Joe Timmins (therapist) were having none of it!  They persuaded me that, having followed the training plan up until that point, my fitness would be sufficient even if I couldn't do any further training runs before the ultra run.  I must admit that I wasn't completely convinced at that stage.  They then carried out regular massage and physio to the leg and Pete gave me a set of exercises to do daily.  Week by week my leg began to improve and the possibility of me running 50 miles and becoming an 'ultra runner' returned slowly.

At 7.30 am on Saturday 4th October 2014 I, together with 57 other runners, was at the start line of the Gower Ultra 50 in Llanmadoc.  My leg had been strapped by Pete the evening before.  I hadn't run for over 4 weeks so my body soon began to question what on earth I was doing to it but the guys from the gym were present at each of the check points and helped to stretch my aching muscles.  Many, many hours later I crossed the finish line.  It was an emotional moment for me. I was running to raise funds for Tenovus in memory of my best friend's husband who had died from cancer two years ago.  She was at the finish line together with some of my other friends who had supported me along the way.  A quick hug and then I crossed the finish line and received my medal from Joe.  What an amazing moment – I had achieved what I had believed was the impossible!

I can honestly say that without the support from the gym and physiotherapy I would not have been able to do it.  Thank you so much to! 

Juliet G 

So many people say to me, “you need to take it easy you’ve got osteoarthritis and knee replacements – don’t push yourself.”

This is just about the worst thing I could do and I’m really pleased that aspire fitness have such highly qualified personal trainers as well as a fully qualified physiotherapist. 

Thanks to Pete’s perseverance and patience in trying to get to the root of my lower back and leg nerve pain (who’d have thought it all started in my neck!) I can now walk without pain.  I also understand far more about how my body works and how it has been over compensating in one area and creating problems in others.  It has meant spending time going back to basics and learning how to stand, sit and move correctly but it has been worth it.

Having been told by one physiotherapist that I’d never be able to ride a bike again after having a full knee replacement, I’m really pleased that I didn’t believe him!  Thanks to Pete’s professional guidance, I’m happy to have proved them wrong.

Yes I can ride a bike, take part in challenge walks and I’m even managing to do a pretty decent bar bell squat which is something I never thought I’d be able to achieve. 

Sarah Carmichael