about aspire physiotherapy

aspire physiotherapy provides an unparalleled service combining accurate physiotherapy assessments with treatments that take advantage of our fully functional gymnasium and treatment areas. 

Our team comprises a Chartered Physiotherapist, three Sports Therapists, nine Personal Trainers and two Strength and Conditioning coaches.  We also have an extensive referral chain of Podiatrists, local GPs and other healthcare professionals.  The best bit is there is not the extensive waiting list that is so often the case with access to physiotherapy in other areas of healthcare! 

Having started out as personal trainers and sports therapists our skills of observation of human movement have been honed over the last 15 years.  Even though our clients were getting better, stronger fitter and healthier we were aware that there are clients that have more complex issues.  To help these people we decided to add to our expertise by Pete qualifying as a chartered Physiotherapist.   

This step allowed us to have a more complete system of care for our clients and patients where we are able to assess and triage new or old problems and either treat them directly or refer to other professionals for further assessment.  This seamless service enables people back to health and fitness and improving performance as quickly as possible. 

Along with extensive experience of teaching exercise and the education of a physiotherapist we are able to provide a unique opportunity for patients to get the service usually only afforded to elite sports people when they become injured. 

Thus multi-disciplinary working is vital to our patient’s successful recovery; as such we have a ‘joined up’ approach to ensure the best possible care.  Overwhelmingly research has indicated that physiotherapy interventions that are done as, or with, exercise help to empower patients to manage their chronic conditions and overcome entirely their acute ones.